Road to the Olympics

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The South African Hockey Men have a dream: being part of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Here is a quick overview of the milestones they have to reach, emotions they shared and ways to follow them.

How to qualify for the Olympics

The team recently finished in the top 2 of the FIH series in Bhubaneshwar, India. This was a major step towards the Olympics and allows them to play a qualification game later in the year against teams from the FIH Pro League.

Here’s what our ambassador Nic Spooner had to say after this huge success:

Nic also told us: “The Hockey series was hugely important for us, as it was the first qualifying step that we needed to overcome. The support from back home was definitely exciting. The hockey community were active on social media, all games were live for hockey fans to follow and a really proud moment for the team having the Alster Grootbos Hockey Project kids wishing us all the best.”

The next stop on the road to Tokyo will be the Africa Cup in Stellenbosch, Cape Town from the 12th – 18th of August, 2019. If the guys win the Africa Cup, they will get their ticket for the Olympics. The team is already excited to play the Africa Cup in their homeland and hopes to see as many South Africans at the pitch as possible including all the kids from Grootbos.
Good luck guys! All our fingers are crossed!


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