Welcome Nic Spooner to our team!

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Nicholas (Nic) Spooner has recently heard about our project and immediately agreed to support us and help us raise awareness four our cause. He is a South African national hockey player who currently plays for Harvesterhuder Hockey Club in Hamburg. We’d like to share with you Nic’s story in form of an interview.
Nicola Beer: Hi Nic, we are thrilled to have you as a supporter of our project! May I ask you to briefly introduce yourself? I am especially interested in your hockey journey and how you finally ended up being a player of HTHC in Hamburg?
Nicholas Spooner: Nicholas Spooner 27 years old, I come from Johannesburg South Africa. My hockey aspirations started watching my father play on the grass at The Wanderers sports club in Johannesburg back in the day.
It was always my dream to play Hockey for my country. I left South Africa in the middle of 2011 to see what opportunities Europe had to offer and to see if I could better myself to fulfill this dream of playing for my country. I played 2 seasons at Gantoise in Belgium which is a great club and it was the best start to an overseas career. I was then lucky enough to be given the opportunity to sign for HTHC for 2 seasons after having a trial. I enjoyed my time so much at the club and have now just finished my 6th season with the HTHC.
Nicola: What is your motivation to support our project and how would you like to contribute?
Nicholas: The Alster Grootbos Foundation gives those kids who are less fortunate the opportunity to succeed in sport (hockey), in a safe enviroment in the Western Cape. For these kids to be able to get to the fields and back safely through buses that the foundation got and its a safe enviroment for them to train and better themselves. I would like to try drive the awareness in South Africa and it would be great for more South Africans in the hockey community to realize the opportunities that the foundation offers these kids.
Nicola: What is your advice for our hockey kids in the Western Cape? Do you have any tipps for them on how they can strive to become a national hockey player themselves?
Nicholas: Don´t let anything stand in the way of your goals. Just because you are not in a team this year it does not mean you can´t be next year. Train hard and keep learning new ways to improve your game.
Nicola: Thank you very much! We are happy to have you on board of our team!

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